About Us

Mayumi “May” Sappington


Caviam’s founder, Mayumi Sappington, understands the intricate relationship between healthy hair, a positive outlook and a peaceful inner life. Guided by more than 30 years of experience as a stylist in the international hair care industry, Mayumi “May” Sappington provides a growing global clientele with innovative Japanese hair care techniques.


Trained at an early age in her mother’s salon in Japan about the innovative Belle Jouvence products and procedures for perms and treatments, May has grown herpassion for hair careinto an expertise. In fact, she is one of just two stylists in the U.S. who offers these services and will travel nationally to meet her clients.

Specializing in hair straightening, May combines hair care with inner health and healing work, resulting in not only healthier hair, but a healthier body and inner life. She has also developed an expertise in skin care, leading to the creation of her innovative Caviam hair and skin care product line.

Japanese Hair Straightening

The revolutionary Japanese Hair Straightening technique (also known as the Yuko System or Milbon StraightLiscio) is designed to provide long-lasting results, eliminating frizz, maintaining curls and waves,and preserving hair condition unlike any other hair straightening treatment. When applied by an experienced stylist such as Mayumi “May” Sappington, the Japanese Hair Straightening Method will improve the softness, lightness (less volume) and shine of hair, resulting in hair that is straight, silky and shiny. The treatment’s results are permanent, and no touchups are required for at least six to eight months, and sometimes up to a year, depending on hair growth and home maintenance. After Japanese Hair Straightening, hair will remain smooth and sleek, even during a workout or in humid climates.