Long Beach Japanese Hair Straightening – Benefits and Technique

The market is flooded with hair treatments, making it difficult to determine which techniques work and which don’t. If you’re looking to improve the natural texture, shine and sleekness of your tresses, JapaneseHair Straightening is the most proven method. Here’s why this revolutionary hair-straightening techniquehas been wowing customers around the world:


It will make your hair straight, silky and shiny.

Also known as the Yuko System or Milbon Straight Liscio, Japanese Hair Straightening is designed to eliminate frizz, maintain waves and curls, and provide a smooth, sleek texture — all the while preserving the health of your hair. In addition to smoothing away any unwanted texture, Japanese Hair Straightening will restore your hair’s natural softness, lightness and shine. You’ll leave the treatment with smooth, straight hair that looks as healthy as it feels. And here’s the best part: You won’t lose that sleekness in humidity or during workouts!


It won’t fry your hair.

Because Brazilian Hair Straightening and Keratin Treatments use less effective products to straighten your hair, the stylist needs to apply much higher heat for these treatments to produce results. With Japanese Hair Straightening, the formula is proven to be effective enough that your hair professional won’t have to use excess heat to compensate. And that’s good for your hair: studies show that repeated high-heat treatments using weaker formulas willcause a lot of damage to your hair over time.


It will provide permanent results.

Unlike treatments such as the popular Brazilian Hair Straightening (which only last about three months), Japanese Hair Straightening will straighten and smooth your hair permanently. That means you won’t have to pay for expensive follow-up treatments. And depending on how quickly your hair grows, you can expect to go 6 to 8 months before needing a minor touchup.


When it comes to achieving healthy, lustrous, straight hair, there’s no better choice than Japanese Hair Straightening. If you’re looking for a Long Beach Japanese Hair Straightening specialist, contact May Sappington. With years of expertise and hundreds of satisfied clients, May is an expert at applying this straightening method to meet the needs of each person who walks into her salon. 

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